I take your quilt very seriously.  I want your quilting to be what you want it to be.  To that end, expect to spend a little time with me, on the phone, through email, or with a personal visit to my “factory” to discuss with me your wishes.  I will give you my personal insight as to what will and won’t work on a longarm (or with my longarm, since I know it pretty well!) and you will decide what is best for your quilt and your budget. 


Basic Edge to Edge (E2E or All Over) Pantographs–2 to 3 cents per square inch

I have a growing stock of available digital pantographs.  From whimsical to childish and from feminine to masculine, we can find the right fit for your quilt.  To calculate your price, do the following:  (Width) x (Length) x (Price per Square Inch Decimally)= $x.xx price.  For instance, an 80″ x 80″ quilt that has a 2.5 cent charge is 80x80x.025=$160.00.  Batting and specialty thread charges are not included in this tally. 

My minimum pantograph charge is $50.  This is due to the time it takes to load your quilt, set the pantograph up and quilt your item.  This does not include the price of batting or specialty threads.

Semi-Custom Free Motion Quilting–4 to 5 cents per square inch

This type of quilting involves the use of pantograph work on the interior and a semi-custom or custom quilt job on the border(s).   I will discuss with you your wishes and tell you my ideas of what may work to make your quilt truly a special piece.  If your quoted price is 4.5 cents per inch, that 80″x80″ quilt would cost:  80x80x.045=$288.00.  Batting and specialty thread charges are not included in this tally. 

My minimum charge is $50.  This does not include the price of batting or specialty threads.

Custom Quilting–$30 per hour

Custom quilting (freemotion or digital) will produce a one-of-a-kind quilt, longarmed in patterns and designs that uniquely fit your quilt and help to tell it’s story.  This quilting style can be a very labor-intensive longarm process that will require extended use of the longarm frame.  Expect to spend some time with me, discussing what you expect and what I can deliver for your quilt.  I will give you an estimate of time needed for your project BEFORE any quilting is done.  An upfront deposit may be required.  Design and quilting time will be charged at this rate.  Batting and specialty thread charges are not included in this tally. 

My minimum charge is $50.  This does not include the price of batting or specialty threads.

If your time quoted is 8 hours, the price would be: $30 x 8 = $240.   

If your quilt wins an award, send me a picture of you and it with the ribbon and I will add you to my growing gallery!

Additional Costs:

THERE ARE NO THREAD COSTS ADDED TO YOUR QUILTING PRICE FOR GLIDE THREAD.  I don’t believe in nickel and diming you to death.  I believe in being up-front in my prices and having things be straight-forward.  I also believe in using quality thread.  I use Filtec Glide thread (4o weight) in the needle and bobbin case (a trilobal polyester thread with great strength and superior shine, excellent wash-fastness and a strong resistance to bleaches and chemicals). I do not typically stitch with cotton thread, as the lint produced from it will hamper the stitching process of the longarm.  For SID work, I can also use monofilament thread (which will produce a very light sheen if the light hits it right, but otherwise is rather undetectable to the eye).  SILK THREAD, VARIEGATED THREAD, MONOFILAMENT  AND METALLIC THREAD WILL HAVE AN ADDITIONAL PER BOBBIN COST INCORPORATED.

THREAD CHANGES:  There will be a $5 charge for each additional thread color chosen, no matter how many thread changes are required.  Keep in mind that thread must be changed with each rolling of the quilt sandwich, which can lead to many thread changes during the course of quilting.  A quilt using just one color will NOT incur this charge.  A quilt using two colors will be charged $5.

NEEDLES:  I will use a brand new needle on your quilt.  I believe in providing the best stitch in the kindest fashion to your quilt and I load a new needle with each and every quilt, without any additional charge to you.  This is my way of assuring you that I take utmost care in quilting your beautiful quilt.  If your quilt is Batik, there may be more than one needle used, but you will never incur a cost for needles.

QUILT MENDING:  $25/hour charge for mending ripped seams, pleating in fullness, adding extensions to a backing that is less than 12″ larger than the top, and fixing open seam areas.

IRONING TOP OR BACK:  $25.  Save yourself the charge and prepare your quilt for quilting with your own ironing board.

TRIMMING THREADS:  $15.  Save yourself the charge and do this prior to drop off.  This can be labor intensive, but you can save yourself this charge.

SQUARING UP A QUILT OR BACKING: $10 each.  A quilt must be square in order to mount it to the longarm frame properly.  The more square a quilt is, the more accurately it will be quilted.  Backings that are not square will not load square and will not quilt square.  And, I will not load a backing that is not squared… I will fix it.  Save yourself the cost of this service by squaring it up yourself.  You can watch the process on YouTube by typing in “how to square up your quilt”.  It’s really worth your investment in time. Your end result will be much nicer with a square quilt.

FIXING A BACKING THAT IS TOO SMALL: Backing MUST measure at least 12″ bigger than the top’s width AND length in order to load onto the frame.  If backings do not meet this requirement, I will have to add material to meet these dimensions and that cost is $25.

TRIMMING BATTING TO SIZE:  If you would like to provide your own batting, please trim it to 8″ bigger than the top’s width AND length.  If you provide batting that needs to be trimmed to this size, the cost is $10.

PIECED BACKINGS:  There will be a $15 upcharge to center your pieced backing with your pieced front.  This is a process that takes a lot of time to get accurately set

RUSH CHARGES:  There will be a 25% upcharge of your total price to rush your quilt onto and off of my frame.  This usually means overtime hours on my part to help you meet your tight deadline.

BATTING:  You can provide your own batting or you can select from what I have available.  Please see my page “Preparing Your Quilt” to see the list of battings I have available to me.  Batting prices will be discussed with you at the time of your consultation.


Payment is due at the time your quilt is picked up or prior to the time of shipping.  Payment must be paid in full at that time.  Cash and checks are acceptable forms of payment.  Checks should be made out to “The Threadworks Factory”.  Credit cards can be processed, only if they are physically presented to me, with an upcharge of 4%.  Pay by cellphone is also available, with an upcharge of 4%. 

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