Its a Spooktacular Time of Year!

When you get a longarming phone call around this time of year, your mind goes to the change of seasons and what might be coming through your quilting door.  This one fit the bill perfectly, as I drove to the local quilt shop to visit this new customer.

Such a dear person with such a dear quilt.  It’s so cute!  My customer decided on my Halloween spider web pantograph from Urban Elementz, called “Gossamer” and back home it came with me.  I used Quilters Dream Wool as the batting and “Battleship” Glide thread.


How cute all these blocks were and the spider web played so nicely with them all.


A close up of the first row that went in.  this A1 Platinum stitches just so nicely and moves so smoothly on frame that pantographing was very quick to learn.


It is now back home with it’s owner and heading to the binding stage!  Follow along with me as I will post my next blog in just a few days!  Have a fantastic day, everyone!

Can you say, “Shop Hop”?

Well, can you?  I can….sorta.  You see, this next blog is about a quilt I longarmed for my favorite local quilt shop, The Little Shop of Stitches, which is nestled in the quaint downtown area of Miamisburg, Ohio.  Go to to peruse the store if you’d like.

In just four year’s time, Jennifer Davis has grown this store three times and expanded all facets of her quilting offerings.  From fabric to tools to classes to sewing machines, it’s the place to quilt, socialize and get great advice.

The Little Shop will be a vendor at a huge event in the Dayton, Ohio area called “Ohio One Stop Shop Hop” in October and Jennifer let me do the honors of quilting this special piece.  She told me, “Do your thing” and that’s just what I did.


As with all of my custom work, I started the design phase by taking a picture of the quilt and printing it out.  On that print, I doodled ideas until I was content with my decisions.  Next came a clear acetate sheet that I laid over the quilt top and doodled on with dry-erase markers to get the actual scale set for the various components.  I labeled on that acetate any dimensions necessary and was all set.

First came stitching in the ditch.  this helped form up the various spools of thread, set up the borders and stabilize all the layers of the sandwich.  Next up was doing the fill work for the spools of thread.


After that, the REAL  fun began…loads and loads of interior feathers.  I harkened to Judi Madsen and her interesting feather combinations to produce something similar.  I’m not nearly as talented as her, but I certainly draw inspiration from what she creates.


With the interior complete, the border was tackled.  I chose a circle-in-circle design that I like to call “olives” in the colored 1″ wide borders and then placed a Bethanne Nemesh style molar feather and curls into the outside black border.  Paying homage to Jamie Wallen, I met the feathers up at the mid-points of the width and length with curls.


From the back, it took on a very special look, due to two different threads used in the bobbin.  I just love the detail of the back.


It was such fun to get to do this quilt and I’m excited that it will hang at the Ohio One Stop Shop Hop, held at the Wright State University Nutter Center, 3640 Colonel Glenn Highway, Dayton, OH on October 14 and 15, 2016.  Go to to learn more.   Better yet, go to the shop hop to see this in person!

You all have a great day!


Where it’s always Christmas…

What do you know, another quick blog during my lunch break.  This seems to be the norm for me, what with a full-time career and a moonlighting business of longarm quilting!  The nice thing is, I get to do what  I love in the evenings on customer quilts.  And, yes, customers have started to arrive!  That’s beyond cool for me 🙂

Ok, so the story goes like this.  I met a very nice lady who taught a class at my local quilt shop, the Little Shop of Stitches in Miamisburg, Ohio last year.  She gave me one-on-one instruction for drafting in EQ7.  Now, I know how to draft in AutoCAD, But I really needed to know how to do it in EQ7 in order to create my Mom’s quilt… found in another blog posting earlier.

What do you know, but I got a call from her last week and she had a gorgeous turned edge applique wall quilt she wanted custom longarmed.  You see, it is ALWAYS Christmas at her online store, and I was thrilled to take in this very special piece.

I used Quilters Dream Blend on the bottom and Quilters Dream Wool on the top and longarmed this with Glide thread.

We commiserated over the areas to be quilted and off I went to tackle this piece.  16 hours and 233,399 stitches later, it was done:


My customer requested that the bird carry a ribbon to the awaiting sleigh, so in went this special treatment.  It was my first time “inventing” an object into the quilting and I was pretty happy with how it turned out.  I can see areas for improvement, but I’m giddy that I pulled this off (but not before practicing on a scrap piece that loaded).


It’s very hard to see from here, but each package in the sleigh got a special quilting treatment and the sleigh has a decorative wavy edge longarmed onto the bough of the sleigh with a scallop placed below it.


Well, my lunch break is nearly over.  Thank you for stopping in and reading my latest blog.  Be sure to check back in a few weeks for more quilting action and have a great day!


At The Mecca!

Just a quick blog entry during my lunchtime.  A visit to the mecca of quilting, Paducah, KY, at the confluence of the Tennessee and Ohio Rivers, with my sister in tow.  Fabric.  Lots of Fabric.   And, in the midst of all that shopping, three thrilling events unfolded.


First, my non-quilting sister, after heading “this way” when I went “that way”, came back to me clutching two fat quarter bundles of fabric, exclaiming, “I’m getting these”, to which I replied, “for what?”  The surprise came from her response. “I’m going to make a quilt!”, she said with a grin.  OK…hmmm…. “I didn’t force you into this, right?”, I asked.  Nope.  She just decided the fabrics spoke to her 🙂  The next three days in Paducah found us both huddled around my laptop, as I designed a quilt for her.  It may be several years before you see her quilt on my longarm, but I’m sure hopeful she picks me as her longarmer!


Second, as we were on our last day in Paducah, we went once more to Hancocks of Paducah to look for a dear jane-type civil war era pattern that I fell in love with back a few months ago.  We had scoured the store on several other visits, to no avail.  Well, when the kind employee asked me if she could be of help, I said, “I don’t think you can help me… with all the patterns you offer, there is NO way I could convey to you what I am looking for”.  A gentleman appeared out of no where and said, “Tell us what it is you are looking for”, and I began to explain, “It’s rather dear jane like, civil war era, but with beautiful sashings”.  He said, “Why, that sounds like Latimer Farms!” and off he went.  Not 60 seconds later, he handed to me the stack of block of the months that made up that quilt and I was holding it in my own hands.  Better yet, it was being offered to me at half price!  I was giddy!  Holy cow, I have the Red Crinoline Quilts pattern!  That, too, may be in several years times, but my heart is now saying to quilt it in Kaffe Fassett Fabric!  Time will tell!

Lastly, upon entering what would turn out to be my favorite quilt store in Paducah, the Must Stitch Emporium, I came upon an amazing set of fabrics called “Market Road”.  I was drawn to them like a moth to flames…  I picked some out and I’m going to make a wall quilt, modern, at, yes, some point!  As I told one of the store owners, I plan on quilting the living daylights out of it!


We sat along the river on several occasions, even with the oppressive heat and humidity, and on one stay there, we found the stacks to this looming above the floodwall.  They were massive.  We parked the car and hurried to the launch dock and we found this docked for a few hours:


Would you believe that something looking this important was traveling east back to Cincinnati with the President on of it?  The war seems to be weighing heavily upon him at this point.  I sure hope we can find an end to it 🙂  And to think he is ported in Confederate-sympathetic Paducah!


Not soon after the steam boat docked, so did this little guy.  He seemed to know just when to hit the tourists up for a little snack.  He was such a cutie and I was sad I didn’t have anything to offer him.. not even a scone from Kirchoffs was on hand that day.


Well, after sweltering in the heat and designing my sister’s quilt, it was back to downtown Paducah for a little more last-minute shopping.  And a visit with the lovely horse.


I would have shared some pictures from our visit to Mammoth Cave, but, honestly, it WAS rather dark in there!  We had a great sisterly time and made some fantastic memories.  I only hope that my sis has as much fun making her quilt as she did pulling fabrics for it!  time will tell.

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day!