I swear Maureen Wood doesn’t sleep!

I get amazing quilts on my doorstep and it’s always so cool to see what comes in and what fabrics and techniques are used.  I’ve had the privilege of longarming for Maureen Wood on several occasions and she patiently waited for her next chance on frame.  In came a Jaqueline De Jonge quilt called “Dream Flight” and it was a stunner.  We decided to double bat this with Quilters Dream Blend, for show reasons.  Once I had inked my ideas, emailed them to Maureen and received her approval, we marked it and loaded it.

OK, If you’re like me, you just want to see the pictures!  So, here you go:


And, the detail shots are so pretty.  This corner medallion went in by marking the main spine and the extent of the feathers.  It was stitched in a dark grey so that it had some pop from the black background.


The corner motif was stitched in a dark red and rulerwork was done to stitch the star out.  I loved the feather that this motif had in it.


And, the black background was stitched in a very dark blue so that it ever so slightly popped off the black.  It turned out beautifully.


Each circle had different stitching in it and all the colored areas were stitched in a warm grey.


This is probably my favorite picture.  You can really see the background fill and the red motif I put in.  Just so pretty!!!


Just another pretty shot on this area. I loved the feather I put into the white circle here and that feather around the black zone was just too pretty!


Well, that does it for this beautiful quilt.  I’m really hoping that Maureen enters it into a show.  Heck, I hope we have a show again.  But, at least I get to longarm these beautiful quilts and I have another gorgeous one on frame right now.  Lucky me!

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I'm a licensed landscape architect who is married with three wonderful step-kids and a wonderful granddaughter. My husband and I share our passion of racing and have very hectic summers. I made my first quilt over a decade ago and waited another 8 years to tackle my second. Doing so fostered a passion to completely "build" a quilt and my third quilt saw me realize my dream to design, construct and longarm a quilt. This was made for a very special person....my mom!

3 thoughts on “I swear Maureen Wood doesn’t sleep!”

  1. Another stunning quilt, made by two wonderfully talented women! I love seeing you develop as an artist, perfecting feathers, pebbles, and all the other “tricks” in your bag, plus ever-expanding your design skills. The red medallion thread was a great touch. Wood gave you a wonderful quilt, and tons of “blank space” to make sing into the choir of her own colors and patterns–cool design by de Jonge.

    1. Thanks, Sis! Maureen does amazing work and lives completely across and north of the US..in Canada. She’s one client I NEVER thought I would meet in person, but as it turned out, when we both said we wouldn’t be home for a period of time, we nudged each other and found out we were both going to the same place in Arizona! To the Barrett Jackson car auction! We got to meet as a foursome and have dinner at our favorite pizza place. Such a very small world! I’m hoping you get to drop a blog here soon, too! They take a lot of time, but it’s nice to have a recording of things! Love you!

  2. Hi there, just to let you know that I do sleep, sometimes too much ! You have done a wonderful job highlighting Dream Flight in this blog Patricia. Your quilting is absolutely amazing and I love it ! I can hardly wait to get it home but with the border closed I am afraid to have you send it across the line as too many quilts have gone missing in the past. Thank you for holding onto it for me. Thanks again for your wonderful work on this quilt !

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