So, we went and did a thing

Yes, you heard that right here.  We (my husband and me) went and did a thing.  We opened up an online artisan luxury cold-process small-batch soap company!  (that’s a mouthful!)  No kidding.  I’ve been dabbling in soaps for the past 15 months, as I really wanted something that didn’t strip things from my skin, but that gave my skin good gentle care, copious  bubbles and sensational nourishment, with great essential oils and wonderful base oils like avocado oil, olive oil and shea butter.  And, I don’t mean a measly 1% of each.  I mean that most of the soap bar is composed of these oils!

We cure our cold-process soap in-house for a minimum of 6 weeks.  15 months of hard work produced something that most of my family now uses as their go-to.

I do not use any fragrance oils (as they are chemically man-made) and I use only plant-based base oils.

If you’d like a luxury bar of soap that feels good, scents the air with great essential oils and leaves your skin feeling it’s best, please visit my website at:

Lavender & Patchouli Essential Oil Soap

Kathryn Bailey’s Pandemonium Quilt

Good morning, everyone!  I’m so sorry that I’ve been absent from blogging for a while.  Life has been crazy hectic as usual, even with the national shutdown from Covid-19.  I am still working full time (and even recorded a 13 hour workday this week!) for a few reasons.  Namely, we are stuck finishing our basement ourselves due to having the work crew stopped mid-stream by this outbreak and we are left with no countertops and no carpet anywhere due to it.  I also opened up another side business to run as I work through the quilt load I have that my husband will help me manage…I will blog a bit more about that in about an hour!  Stay tuned!

Onto this wonderful quilt that my client brought to me to custom quilt.  Kathryn hails from the GREAT State of Texas.  I wish I had some before pictures and an overall picture, but with the state of my basement right now, the area I use for photography is left in limbo 🙁  I am completely dismayed by that and could not get a full picture.

When I had talked with Kathryn via emails, I had told her that I envisioned quilting this top with two thread colors.  Does this look like two thread colors to you?  I mean, I just couldn’t do that.  When you see the masterpiece, you’ll understand why.


May I  now introduce to you Kathryn’s Pandemonium quilt.  Kim McLean was the designer.  Kathryn pieced this with Kaffe Fassett fabrics and it was thousands of applique pieces that went into this top.  I can only show you sections of it, and I am terribly sorry about that.







Well, there it is, in bits and pieces. I have another potential show quilt on frame right now and it will be done next week.  If I can share pictures of it, I shall.  If not, please know that I’m busting at the seams to share more gorgeous quilts with you!

Please stay safe and healthy.  I hope you find some time to be creative today.

Take care, Patricia