Now THAT’s A Fancy Forest!

The quilt this blog is centered around has been in the making for quite some time.  I remember seeing this in bits and stages nearly 2 years ago, as my client, Connie Tieche tediously pieced a Fancy Forest quilt from Elizabeth Hartman.  This came as a kit and I have to say, there are so many wonderful fabrics that I think they were all my favorite!  The color spectrum and the layout were just perfect.

When longarming, I always like to start by taking a few photos of the quilt.  One of the full quilt and several of detail areas.  I then print out the photos, put tracing paper over them and design them with pencil.  Once I have what I like, I draft it out with ink on tracing paper and take photos, wiring the images to my client for approval.  If I feel that I don’t have a firm grasp on the finished scale, I place a piece of acetate over the quilt top and mark on it the design intent.  That way, I can check things and make sure I have it all figured out (and it’s a this step that  I can lay my circle and arc templates over the design to determine what sizes to use).  I’m not a load-and-go kind of quilter, where I just load a top without any design thought and start stitching.  Something tells me that wouldn’t end well for me!  Here is a picture of my drafted ideas:IMG_5884I used around 40-45 different colors of Glide thread on this quilt.  I can’t say for sure, because there were so many cones of thread out on the floor behind me that I had to clear it all up twice just to advance the quilt into another color range and plop down more thread colors!  When you carry over 160 colors of Glide thread, this part is a whole lot easier!  I don’t charge for thread changes on custom quilting, as an hourly rate is much more fair for things than a $5 charge for each color change.  I think my clients agree!

Let’s take a look at the full finished quilt.  This was quilted with a double layer of Quilters Dream Batting.  A 70/30 blend was used on the bottom for strength and a layer of wool was used on top for puff.  That combination always quilts so lovely:IMG_5914I always love to peer in closer, so here is more of the eye candy of this quilt:IMG_5916and:IMG_5915And peering in even closer gives yet more detail and allows you to see the wood grain background fill:IMG_5917IMG_5919IMG_5920IMG_5918It was such a fun time quilting this masterpiece that finished at over 405,000 stitches on my Innova.  I enjoyed every minute of breathing yet more life into this gorgeous quilt of Connie’s.

If you are interested in having me custom freemotion or digitally pantograph your quilts, just reach out to me through this website or email me at:  My schedule is nearly full through May now and we are booking June arrivals and beyond.

Thank you for spending time with me today and I hope you have an opportunity to be creative!

Author: threadworksfactory

I'm a licensed landscape architect who is married with three wonderful step-kids and a wonderful granddaughter. My husband and I share our passion of racing and have very hectic summers. I made my first quilt over a decade ago and waited another 8 years to tackle my second. Doing so fostered a passion to completely "build" a quilt and my third quilt saw me realize my dream to design, construct and longarm a quilt. This was made for a very special mom!

13 thoughts on “Now THAT’s A Fancy Forest!”

    1. Thank you so very much. I adored all of the hard work that Connie put into this to create such a beautiful top. I’m so happy she chose me to add to her story.

  1. Beaautiful quilting that brings this pattern to life! Do you use glide thread in the bobbin as well?

    1. Awe, thank you, Gayle. Yes, I use 40 weight glide in the bobbin as well. For this quilt, there were over 40 colors used on the top and just one grey color used in the bobbin.

      1. Since you use gray in the bobbin and other colors on the top, do you have any trouble at all with the gray ‘popping’ to the top? and do you adjust tension in the bobbin or on top if you do? Your work is absolutely amazing. Have you in your blog talked about the decision to buy a long arm before you were really ‘into’ quilting? At last that is the way I understood your description of getting into quilting. But what a great decision it was!! Your work is just fabulous. Love this one! It is as if all those adorable creatures could talk to us!

      2. I seem to have very good tension with my Innova long arm. I can honestly put anything in the bobbin And I don’t have any worries about it traveling to the top of the quilt or vice versa. Innovas are built unbelievably well.

        Your suggestion is an excellent one. Yes, I bought a long arm before I ever knew whether I could long arm or even knew that I’d want to long arm more than one quilt. My husband jokingly asked me if I planned on going in the business, to which I replied I had given it any thought! But once I started driving it, I realized what fantastic therapy it is. I can’t wait to get back onto it in the next few days. I have to wait for more of the swelling and bleeding to subside in my nose first. I’ll have to consider writing a blog and what a long arm is to me! Have a fantastic day!

  2. Amazing. I don’t think I’ve seen a more masterfully quilted version of this quilt. You are an artist!

    1. Awe, thank you so much, Carole! What a sweet thing to say. You made my day! Thank you!

  3. This is such an amazing quilt :D!! I can’t believe you have only been longarming for 3 years. I have been doing it far longer than you but am far behind your skills. I am deeply impressed to see such talent :)!

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