This Quilt Could Be Yours (no kidding!)

Now, this is going to be an interesting blog and it might even be a lucky one for one of you readers!  This blog is about a quilt that just came off my longarm and is for my guild’s raffle.  The quilt will be raffled on April 21, 2018, and you can get in on it!

You MUST be a resident of the continental United States, however.

First, let me show you the quilt, which measures approximately 93”x93”:IMG_3402

I promise it’ll be bound by the time you win it 🙂

Tickets can be purchased for the price of $1 each or 6 for $5.  Not bad!  You can buy as many as you like by emailing the Miamisburg Quilt Guild at:

Let them know that you are interested in buying tickets and they’ll help you do just that.

I freemotion longarmed this and added a little rulerwork on my Innova.  Three colors of Glide thread were used and the batting in this quilt is Quilters Dream Poly Puff.

This quilt was pieced with one common fabric for the white areas and a myriad of aquas, greens, blues and purples.  There are too many different fabrics to count and its a lot of fun to search through all the piecing to find your favorite one.  I know…I did just that while quilting this!

Onto more pictures of this beautiful quilt the guild pieced.


I worked a series of feathers around the very center  block and then wrapped feathers around each series of colored blocks.  It gave some very nice movement to the quilt.  Here’s a closer look:IMG_3408

The border was done with a freemotion feather that met in the middle of each side and originated from the corner with a nice feather spray that uniquely “borrowed” a block of the quilt body:IMG_3409

And, the guild had so many blocks that they used some to create a beautiful backing:IMG_3410

So, if you like what you see and you’d like to support their efforts, don’t forget to buy some tickets by emailing today!  Or, tomorrow!  Just do it before you forget.  The guild raises money through the sale of these tickets to help local charity organizations, so you are really helping them to help others.

If you are interested in having me quilt your beautiful quilt, please email me through my “contact me” tab on this webpage.  I can quilt anything from edge to edge pantographs to custom to show quilts either freemotion or digitally.  Reach out to me today to get your quilt into my cue!

Thank you very much for stopping by and reading this blog today.  I hope you have a great day and you get a chance to be creative.








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I'm a licensed landscape architect who is married with three wonderful step-kids and a wonderful granddaughter. My husband and I share our passion of racing and have very hectic summers. I made my first quilt over a decade ago and waited another 8 years to tackle my second. Doing so fostered a passion to completely "build" a quilt and my third quilt saw me realize my dream to design, construct and longarm a quilt. This was made for a very special mom!

6 thoughts on “This Quilt Could Be Yours (no kidding!)”

  1. This is gorgeous! Is that miamisburg Ohio? Out of curiosity about what does a custom queen size quilt run? Your work is spectacular . I live in Columbus

    1. Hi, Elise! Yes, you are correct :). Miamisburg, Ohio. I used to live in Columbus and I still miss it. Moved 9 years ago from Dublin Ohio to marry.

      Thank you so much for your kind and sincere compliments. I greatly appreciate it.

      My custom pricing is done by the hour. And my rate is $30 per hour. I charge for design and quilting. The cost to quilt te a queen all depends upon what is exactly done to it. I know that sounds fairly vague, but light quilting on a queen may only take 10 hours, where complex quilting might take 30 or more. The quilt that you see here was 95“ x 95“ to start. It took me 30.25 hours in total. So, this is a very expensive quilt, but there’s a lot of intricate quilting on it. I try to work with my clients to quilt within their budget, but custom quilting typically takes 3 to 4 times longer than edge to edge quilting does, and so the price is substantially higher. Just let me know if you’re interested in learning more! Have a fantastic evening, and Go Bucks!.. O… H…

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