Fading Autumn

What a great quilt to custom freemotion longarm!

I receive some amazing quilts to longarm, I must say.  While my piecing sits idly month after month, seeing other pieced tops makes me excited to run to the longarm and set them up.  This one certainly had me excited.  It’s a pattern from Lori Smith called “Peaceful Nights”. My client, the ever so talented Elaine Miller, pieces such beautiful quilts and I was honored to work with her to add to the layers of stories within this quilt.  Elaine shopped with her daughter to pick out the fabrics and I have to tell, you, the combinations and colors were stunning.  We collaborated and when we felt we had things right, I loaded this quit, (the outer border is missing in this image my client provided me) and got started:IMG_1160

I used my client’s Quilters Dream cotton batting and glide thread (all 40 weight).  There were seven thread colors used, so this quilt was stitched color by color with many stops to advance the quilt.  What a beautiful result:IMG_3248

Let me show you how pretty the back was.  I loved her choice of fabrics.  There were two thread colors used on the back, which were determined by the threadwork on the front and the two colors really added to the display on the back:IMG_3240

And a close up:IMG_3241

Back to that gorgeous front and all the quilting detail:IMG_3249









Such a beautiful quilt and such a fun time it was adding to the layers of it.  I thoroughly enjoyed the process and getting to collaborate with Elaine Miller was a great learning experience.  Her insights into the quilting she envisioned was spot on and really taught me a few more things.  I love when the experience of the quilter adds to the overall finish and this was clearly one of those times.

Have a great day and if you are interested in having me quilt your top, drop me a line through my “contact me” tab on this website.  Remember that I can quilt both edge to edge (freemotion or digitally) as well as custom quilt (freemotion or digitally)!







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I'm a licensed landscape architect who is married with three wonderful step-kids and a wonderful granddaughter. My husband and I share our passion of racing and have very hectic summers. I made my first quilt over a decade ago and waited another 8 years to tackle my second. Doing so fostered a passion to completely "build" a quilt and my third quilt saw me realize my dream to design, construct and longarm a quilt. This was made for a very special person....my mom!

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  1. Your quilting is truly amazing. It’s tasteful and complimentary to the quilt, and of course highly skilled! Thank you for sharing with and inspiring me. I am wondering if the piecer suggested those designs and had a vision for the longarming, or did you plan the designs? I would love to know your thought and planning processes…i.e. Do you photograph the quilt and draw it out, etc. Such beautiful work!!!! I am aspiring to free motion like this some day!!

    Michele Gnazzo 🌺 Sent from my iPad


    1. Thank you for your kind comments! My client was very sure about not wanting everything quilted. She expressed the desire to have done things pop up and rise above and took care to point that out. It was easy to edit my proposal because I marked things up with a dry erase marker on acetate, which I laid over the quilt to to design at full scale. It’s how I like to do the design process so that I have a real-scale sense of things. I will photo the quilt and then re-mark things to get the full quilt detailed so that I can then see the full picture. I hope that makes sense. Have a great day!

    1. I’m afraid I don’t sell this pattern. “Fading Autumn” is just the name of this blog post. I believe I listed the designer and pattern name in the first paragraph of this blog. I’m not near a computer right now, so I can’t copy and paste it here. I hope you liked the quilt!

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