Diamonds ARE a Girl’s Best Friend!

Well, they are, aren’t they?  My local quilt shop kindly referred me to a customer.  My shout out goes to them:  The Little Shop of Stitches.  Such a wonderful shop and such a great customer they brought me.

Ms. Deanna Allen embroidered and pieced a Marilyn Monroe quilt she designed.  This was such a striking piece at nearly 75″ wide and 84″ long.  We consulted and my customer picked out Quilters Dream Wool batting.  This batting is washable and dryable and has fantastic loft and softness.  It really is dreamy!

I sat down over the next few days when thoughts popped into my head and it wasn’t long before I figured out what I thought would be the perfect compliment of straight lines and curves.  Deanna had seen a feather border I had done and she really wanted it onto her quilt.  Done!

The quilt was laid out and a Bohin chalk pencil ( was used to mark the spine of the border feather.  I also marked on the inside of the quilt for where I was going to place huge feathers (ala Bethanne Nemish) to help take up the space within the red areas of the interior.  The quilt wasn’t quite square and the width varied by just under 3″, but we had a plan to address this and take some of the ripple out of it.  The interior body was marked as such:IMG_1509

The outer border had just the spine marked as such:IMG_1512

I used glide thread throughout this quilt, stitching in the ditch where needed.  I placed a vertical line design in the pictorial border to help offset all the curves that were going to be stitched out.  It provided great interplay of design work.IMG_1605

Some of the detail work, with the “Nemishing” visible, along with the feather border detail.IMG_1607

I chose to treat the four sides of the border separately, as there was a black sash that separated them.  So, the feather was wrapped and ended on each end of the four borders.  The feather was made up of heirloom feathers, ribbons and curled feathers so that there was major drama in this area.  I mean, we are talking Marilyn Monroe here!IMG_1613

The embroidery work just blew me away.  Deanna did such a fantastic job of capturing Marilyn Monroe and her mystique.  It was a beautiful quilt and I was so glad to be a part of this quilt’s journey.  Deanna is one talented quilter!IMG_1608

Thank you for stopping by and popping in for a spell.  I have several more blogs to drop here in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

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Have a fantastic day and I hope you get a little chance to create!






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