We are officially on Youtube!

Yes, you heard that right!  We have videos on Youtube!

The Threadworks Factory has a channel.  It is:


To see our newest video on hook feathers, watch this:


To see how to stitch out a beautiful simple leaf and curl border, watch this:

If you want to learn how to stitch a custom heirloom feather, watch this:

We have more videos on the channel and we hope to build the library with time.  As a former college professor, it feels great to spend a little time teaching.  Stop in to YouTube to watch, share and/or subscribe to my channel.

Thank you for your visit and I hope you have a wonderfully fantastic day!  Take care.

Author: threadworksfactory

I'm a licensed landscape architect who is married with three wonderful step-kids and a wonderful granddaughter. My husband and I share our passion of racing and have very hectic summers. I made my first quilt over a decade ago and waited another 8 years to tackle my second. Doing so fostered a passion to completely "build" a quilt and my third quilt saw me realize my dream to design, construct and longarm a quilt. This was made for a very special person....my mom!

2 thoughts on “We are officially on Youtube!”

  1. I want you to know that I love your videos. I especially like your teaching “style” and “Let’s begin”! I am a long time sewer and quilter but relatively new to longarming- to say I’m back in kindergarten is an understatement! I have watched your videos and then turned to try it on my machine just as as you said and demoed. What a great confidence booster and I feel like you are a born teacher. I love your work and your generosity of sharing. Just a huge thank you.

    1. Awe, that is just so sweet of you, Annie! How wonderful of you to take all that time to tell me those awesome things! I used to be a professor and I always loved teaching. It’s wonderful to do something like longarming, and have an avenue to still teach. I am really hoping to be able to find some time to teach more on you too. Right now, I’m swamped with some heavy custom quilts, which I’m thrilled to say. Have a fantastic day. You are such a kind human being.

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