Cleveland or Bust

What about them Cavs this season?  NBA National Champions!  And those Indians?  My prediction is that the Cleveland Indians will get a seat in the 2016 World Series tonight!  Really, I believe that!  But those Browns?  0-6.  2016 will just not be their year.  So, while we wait for 2017, why not make a quilt and celebrate them anyway?  That’s just what my dear customer did, and boy, did she give this her all.  She’s just such a peach and it was great to pantograph this for her.  She did such a beautiful job!


This was quilted with white Glide thread and Quilters Dream Puff batting.  The pantograph was an Urban Elementz panto called “Dazzle”.  Just a perfect all-over design for this quilt.  Such a cute combination of fabrics in this perfect-for-fall quilt.


Looking so cool on the back, don’t you think?  I just loved the fabric chosen.  It was such a great compliment to the pieced front, I must say, and would make the perfect binding fabric!


I so hope to get another call from this piecer and I loved working with her on this project.

Have a great day, everyone!

Its a Spooktacular Time of Year!

When you get a longarming phone call around this time of year, your mind goes to the change of seasons and what might be coming through your quilting door.  This one fit the bill perfectly, as I drove to the local quilt shop to visit this new customer.

Such a dear person with such a dear quilt.  It’s so cute!  My customer decided on my Halloween spider web pantograph from Urban Elementz, called “Gossamer” and back home it came with me.  I used Quilters Dream Wool as the batting and “Battleship” Glide thread.


How cute all these blocks were and the spider web played so nicely with them all.


A close up of the first row that went in.  this A1 Platinum stitches just so nicely and moves so smoothly on frame that pantographing was very quick to learn.


It is now back home with it’s owner and heading to the binding stage!  Follow along with me as I will post my next blog in just a few days!  Have a fantastic day, everyone!