Where it’s always Christmas…

What do you know, another quick blog during my lunch break.  This seems to be the norm for me, what with a full-time career and a moonlighting business of longarm quilting!  The nice thing is, I get to do what  I love in the evenings on customer quilts.  And, yes, customers have started to arrive!  That’s beyond cool for me 🙂

Ok, so the story goes like this.  I met a very nice lady who taught a class at my local quilt shop, the Little Shop of Stitches in Miamisburg, Ohio last year.  She gave me one-on-one instruction for drafting in EQ7.  Now, I know how to draft in AutoCAD, But I really needed to know how to do it in EQ7 in order to create my Mom’s quilt… found in another blog posting earlier.

What do you know, but I got a call from her last week and she had a gorgeous turned edge applique wall quilt she wanted custom longarmed.  You see, it is ALWAYS Christmas at her online store, http://www.quiltedchristmas.com and I was thrilled to take in this very special piece.

I used Quilters Dream Blend on the bottom and Quilters Dream Wool on the top and longarmed this with Glide thread.

We commiserated over the areas to be quilted and off I went to tackle this piece.  16 hours and 233,399 stitches later, it was done:


My customer requested that the bird carry a ribbon to the awaiting sleigh, so in went this special treatment.  It was my first time “inventing” an object into the quilting and I was pretty happy with how it turned out.  I can see areas for improvement, but I’m giddy that I pulled this off (but not before practicing on a scrap piece that loaded).


It’s very hard to see from here, but each package in the sleigh got a special quilting treatment and the sleigh has a decorative wavy edge longarmed onto the bough of the sleigh with a scallop placed below it.


Well, my lunch break is nearly over.  Thank you for stopping in and reading my latest blog.  Be sure to check back in a few weeks for more quilting action and have a great day!